Selasa, 26 Juli 2011

58 Attend Jawi Writing Course

Bandar Seri Begawan- The writing course for government and private sector officers in Jawi the Arabic alphabet used in Malay scripture, ended yesterday.

The guest of honour, Ustaz Hj Zaidin bin Hj Ibrahim, head of the centre`s exhibition and census section, presented the certificates to participants.

The workshop was held by the Course and Women Guidance Unit, Islamic Dakwah Centre.

The 58 participants included 31 male and 27 female participants. They were led by Hj Jumaat bin Hj Tuah and DRS Hj Syahtoni bin Hj Abd Kahar, experts from the Islamic Dakwah Centre.

The five-day course aimed to recognise alphabets and reading practice. It included reading and verbs recitals; practical of Jawi writing; connecting `Saksi` alphabets and connecting words at proper point.

The course aimed to develop and spread the expertise of Jawi writing and develop the quality of participants.

Awarded best male writers were Awg Narudin bin Lamit from the Technical Education Unit and Awg Hamil Bin Hj Talim from the Language and Literature Bureau.

The best writer in the women`s section was Dyg Rosni bte Ismail ofthe Penerbangan Kebawah Duli Yang Maha Mulia and Dyg Feridah bte Bujang of the Ministry of Education

Source: (7 Juni 2007)