Rabu, 27 Juli 2011

Historic Melaka Digs Way Into More of Its Past

The Malaysian government is setting its focus on Melaka`s treasures.

Malaysia`s historic state Melaka is digging its way into its past to uncover more artifacts buried since the Portuguese landed in the then world sea port trading post in the 16th century.

The unexpected discovery of a fort`s remnants dating back to the 15th century is expected to enhance historic Melaka`s listing as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

According to the state`s historians, the site was a battleground between followers of the then Malay sultanate and invading Portuguese soldiers in 1511.

Melaka state now wants to preserve the historic location as a tourist attraction, said Melaka Chief Minister Ali Rustam. "The site is part of Melaka`s history and about the Malay sultanate. Once completed it will definitely be a tourist attraction," the minister said.

Together with Malaysia`s Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage, the state will study and identify the site in a move to feature it as a tourism attraction in the state.

The ministry is currently undertaking more excavation work at the site to uncover remnants of the Fortaleza D`Malacca or A`Farmosa fort sited near the city`s iconic clock tower, built during the colonial era.

The Malaysian government has allocated a sum of $4 million towards the fort`s reconstruction.

The remnants were unearthed during excavation work to build a US$7 million revolving tower at the site in Melaka city last October. The tower has since then been resited.

Source: www.travelvideo.tv (11 Juni 2007)