Rabu, 27 Juli 2011

Islamic Communities Must Unite: CM

Kota Kinabalu - CM Datuk Seri Musa said the Muslims will be respected and admired by the world community if all Malays and Islam communities in the world can unite and improve their skills and knowledge, especially in science and technology.

He said there were some 300 million Islamic Malays and 1.3 billion people of the Muslim faith in the world.

But it is unfortunate that today some Islamic communities are in turmoil, facing poverty and lack of education. The Muslims today are unlike those who enjoyed the glory days of the Islamic civilisation," he said in his speech opening the seminar.

Musa, who is also Finance Minister, said the rise of Western society in the 17th century had resulted in their global dominance.

"Today, we, the Islam community are looked down upon and humiliated, simply because there is a perception that Islam is the main catalyst for Muslim terrorism," he said.

He said the Muslims had become easy targets for major global powers. Musa said the crisis in Afghanistan, Iraq and Palestine should serve as a lesson for all Muslims. The suffering of the Islamic community in these countries was hearth-breaking.

"We (Muslims) must ensure that such atrocities do not occur in countries where Muslims are the majority," he said.

On the convention, Musa hoped it would shed some light on the glory days of the Malay and Islamic civilisation with hopes that this may inspire the new generation.

He said up to today, the DMDI conventions and seminars had been a platform to present resolutions that focus on the importance of teamwork which was vital in strengthening the ties that bind Malay and Islamic communities in all fields.

The DMDI convention is held every year in Malacca while seminars are held at various locations in Indonesia and countries where Malay and Islam communities are found.

The main objectives of the conventions and seminars which have been taking place since 2000 is for all leaders of DMDI to congregate and discuss various aspects of interest, particularly economy and education. Musa said such an event was a good opportunity for leaders to exchange view and ideas as well as establish networking among each other.

"I believe through the networking achieved at convention, we will be able to uphold the dignity of the Malay and Islamic communities," he said.

Musa also expressed gratitude to Malacca Chief Minister Datuk Seri Haji Mohd Ali Rustam, who is DMDI president, for selecting Sabah for this year‘s congregation.

He said the State Government welcomed and was highly supportive of the organisation of any international-level seminar here in Sabah.

Source: www.dailyexpress.com (11 Juni 2007)