Rabu, 27 Juli 2011

Local Artists Conduct Special Tours as Part of S`pore Arts Festival

Singapore- There`s now a new way for you to sample, first-hand, the local arts scene at this year`s Singapore Arts Festival.

But it requires you to put in plenty of footwork with a special group of artists.

Graffiti artist Zul is conducting a personal tour, as part of the Singapore Arts Festival, to showcase what would otherwise be passed off as vandalism under the law.

"You come to (a) dark alley, there are rubbish bins and it smells. But then you see artworks, and they change the entire visual aspect of the place. It adds more colour to an otherwise gloomy place," said street artist Zul.

"There is a graffiti street art culture in Singapore. Although our country is very strict, there is still a culture. It`s part of the city, urban life. It`s not only about new, clean buildings. It`s also about the old historical buildings, the back alleys," he added.

The tour covers various areas, including the Skatepark, where street artists are legally allowed to express themselves on the walls.

The tour also highlights the small, but growing number of, aspiring graffiti artists in Singapore.

What makes this art form unique is that nothing stays the same for long - what you see on a wall can be easily painted over by another artist tomorrow or within the next hour.

But if street art is not for you, try taking an audio tour down Little India.

Called "Desire Path", there is no human guide on this tour. A CD by arts group Spell #7 guides the visitors instead.

The CD also contains a narration of Little India`s culture and history and even a ghost story.

"It was really immersive and emotionally involving. I enjoyed it," said William Mansfield, a tourist from England.

"And the music was the perfect companion for it as well," added Laura Riera, a tourist from Spain.

There are six different types of tours ongoing at various locations during the Singapore Arts Festival.

Source: www.channelnewsasia.com (14 Juni 2007)