Kamis, 28 Juli 2011

Ministry Helps To Restore house Of Minangkabau

Padang - The Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage has donated RM50,000 for the restoration of the Rumah Gadang, a traditional Minangkabau abode in Pagaruyung near Bukit Tinggi in Sumatra, which was destroyed by fire after a lightning strike on Feb 27.

"The contribution is part of our efforts to conserve the culture of the Malay race. Rumah Gadang signifies the strength of the `pepatih` tradition of the Minangkabau community," Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim said at a dinner hosted by West Sumatra Governor Gumawan Fauzi here tonight.

Restoration work on the Rumah Gadang is expected to begin on July 8. It was rebuilt in 1976 after being destroyed in a fire. It is home to historical artifacts on the culture and tradition of the Minangkabau.

"Since Negeri Sembilan also practices the `pepatih` tradition, the aid is proof of the close ties between two regions that share the same tradition," he added.

Rais said he would also be proposing to the Cabinet several cultural, arts and heritage programmes to be held between the two countries.

They include cooperation in research by universities in Malaysia and Sumatera and an exhibition exchange programme, he added.

Sumber: www.bernama.com (19 Juni 2007)