Sabtu, 30 Juli 2011

South West District Arts Festival Kicks Off 5Wweeks of Performances

Singapore- The Singapore Arts Festival may be coming to a close this weekend, but there will be no lack of arts events to attend in the weeks ahead.

The five-week long South West District Arts Festival kicks off on Saturday.

And to add bang to the event, Education Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam and other MPs formed a group of fusion percussionists, whipping up a vigorous tempo with the Chinese, Malay, Bhangra and Brazillian Drums.

The group also displayed their dance grooves, along with over 200 youths.

The specially choreographed dance involves 32 steps and can be performed to an English, Chinese, Indian or Malay song.

It is being performed ahead of Racial Harmony Month in July, and over 10,000 residents and students are expected to learn the steps.

And as part of the District Arts Festival, about 150 local and foreign artists from more than 30 groups will be performing in over 70 acts.

All performances are free and to check the schedule, you can log on to the South West Community Development Council website.

Mr Tharman said: "(The Festival is) bringing art, music, dance into our neighbourhoods, letting people take part. (It also has) very high quality international performances, not just in the Esplanade, but in our neighbourhoods." - CNA/ch

Source: (25 Juni 2007)