Senin, 01 Agustus 2011

Is Anyone Listening To Religious Music?

Brunei - Muara - The world has evolved and tastes have changed. While most people are now into western contemporary music, there are still those who are still devoted to Tausyeh songs.

Most interestingly, however, these faithfuls are teenagers, whom in the future will continue to protect the Malay Muslim Monarchy national philosophy.

Tausyeh is one of the beauty of Islamic art which is transmitted from a form of melodious songs that contains the teachings of the Holy Quran. It contains compliments, prayers and also stories representing the supremacy and honour which is interrelated with humanity, nationalism and Islamic glory.

According to Nurhidayatul Nazurah, a student, she realises that nowadays, many teenagers are more interested in the modern and ‘hip‘ music and that there should be more events or competitions to promote religious music and to make them aware of it. She also suggested that more courses should be established that is open to the public that will teach them "Nasyid, Dzikir Daba‘ie, Tausyeh and such".

Her friends added that they were raised in a way not to forget about their religion. Furthermore, it was a voluntary act for them to compete in religious singing competition that symbolises their upbringing, culture and Bruneian heritage.

Others also think that more competition should be held and there should be more exposure by the media, as teenagers are mostly influenced by what they see or hear. More religious songs, especially Nasyid should be aired, in every radio stations. This is because, the lyrics contained in the songs have Islamic teachings, as well as the courtesy of living in harmony. Most local radio stations play religious songs, especially around sunset.

However, in other times, these types of songs cannot be heard.

But most teenagers still prefer modern music over religious songs. Most children learn about Islamic teachings from religious school, but most often than not, once they graduate, they spend less time continuing on the practices that they have learnt. If children were to take more of an interest in Islamic teachings, encouraging them to listen to Islamic songs from an early age may make a difference.

Source: (5 Juli 2007)