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Ria Bintan: Perfect Place for Families

Whether you are looking for a relaxing or active holiday, a lively atmosphere or to discover your host country, Club Med will meet your need.

With more than 90 villages in 40 countries across five continents, Club Med is today, undoubtedly one of the world‘s most well-known holiday brand names. With beaches, gardens, nature reserves and national parks surrounding you, Club Med is the perfect place to escape from the stresses of urban daily life. You can forget all about your life back home.

Since 2003, Club Med has undertaken a metamorphosis to meet the expectations of a clientele seeking exceptional vacations.

By creating the only market segment of upscale, friendly and multicultural vacations, Club Med associates the Club Med signature with high-end comfort and services as a reference in the field of prestigious vacations while capitalizing on its capacity to create ties and pleasure through the professional attitude.

Club Med initiated its operation in Korea 15 years ago. Its travel packages to Bintan, Bali, Phuket, Cherating and the Maldives are popular among Koreans.

Especially, the Holiday Villa Beach Resort in Ria Bintan is a pleasant weekend getaway for the weary city dweller. And if you believe that holidays are for the whole family, then this is the place for you. This is somewhere where children and adults can discover a 100 percent family holiday.

The resort at Ria Bintan is set on the island of Bintan in the China Sea south of Singapore. This village is dedicated to the pleasures of sport and Asian sophistication, nesting at the heart of 500 hectares of wonderfully preserved nature stretching along the most beautiful beach on the island.

The dream-like village also offers over a thousand acres of golf courses for enthusiasts and provides an exceptional, elegant setting in colorful Asia. Only 45 minutes from Singapore, Ria Bintan is the ideal stop over on a long haul. Actually, the relatively short flight (about six hours from Seoul) is a relief for traveling families, especially those with small kids. Relaxation and sports are there to suit your whim at any level of intensity.

"Club Med Ria Bintan will be a chic new concept designed to appeal to today‘s increasingly more sophisticated luxury leisure traveler by 2008," said Sang Hee-jung, Club Med Korea president

"The village offers various styles of holiday, so that clients can choose their own expectations, experience the exceptional, have a taste of everything, discover new cultures, enjoy sports. The styles are adapted to suit all ages," Sang added.

This Club Med Village will fulfill everyone‘s holiday desires. Children and adults alike can pick and mix activities to create the perfect combination between sports, relaxation, partying, fitness and discovery.

Dynamic holidays
Ria Bintan village is a must for amateur sports enthusiasts. Various activities, including a wide choice of water and land sports and leisure activities, are open to everyone.

If you prefer the water, you can have beginner‘s classes in sailing, windsurfing or kayaking. And boat trips to go snorkeling in the tropical waters are available. On land, there‘s the famous flying trapeze, archery, tennis, yoga, golf and fitness classes.

The all-inclusive vacation also offers a more diverse range of sophisticated activities at one of the world‘s largest sports schools. A big favorite of the kids and adults as well, is Club Med‘s Circus School, where guests are trained by professionals to tumble and swing.

At other times, you may simply wish to sip a fruit juice under a parasol, immersed in a good book.

Whenever you fancy
Club Med Ria Bintan provides three restaurants, varied buffets and three bars including one open to midnight and a nightclub with a live band. Dining is one of the biggest delights at the resort and the chefs excel in the variety and quality of food.

The meals are served in a large communal dining room. There‘s a huge variety of cuisine with the emphasis on seafood, vegetarian, Malaysian and other Asian styles. It is a delight to the eyes as well as the taste buds. Beer and wine are included with the meals. Because everything is paid for in advance, you don‘t have to give money a second thought on holiday.

To enable you to experience a totally all-inclusive holiday, the village introduces a new all day and evening "Bar and Snack service." This new feature gives you the freedom to enjoy drinks and snacks in all bars, outside normal meal hours, as much as you like, when you want to. You can spend the day at your own pace and be flexible with your time, according to your activities and your mood. If you want to spend longer at the pool or sea, you can help yourself to drinks and sweet or savory snacks during the day, leaving you free to make the most of every moment.

During the day, guests can refresh themselves at the sunset bar with the fresh fruit juices, a full range of energy drinks, soft drinks, cocktails, alcoholic mixes.

Kingdom for children and teenagers

There is something fun for children and teenagers here at Club Med Ria Bintan.

From four months to 17 years, children and teenagers can enjoy facilities and activities which are suited to their age group. There‘s Petit Club Med (two-three years), where little ones get pampered and entertained while their parents have a relaxing vacation. Mini Club Med (for four-10 years) and Juniors‘ Club Med (11-17 years), offer a perennial favorite _ the circus school, where kids can experience flying on a trapeze, walking across a tightrope, and many more entertaining activities throughout the day.

And Club Med Baby Welcome makes parents‘ lives easier by providing facilities, equipment, and offering a babysitting service.

Welcome and commitment from the G.Os

The special feature of Club Med is that the G.Os play, dine and dance together every day and night.

G.Os is short for Gentle Organizers. The G.Os have been there to ensure that your holiday runs smoothly. From every country, culture and nationality, the G.Os are an integral part of your holiday.

They are all dedicated customer service staff and create a fun, friendly, and exciting atmosphere in each of the villages. G.Os provide assistance throughout your stay _ in the restaurants, on the beaches for recreational activities, in sports tuition for any level of interest, and even in entertaining your children.

G.Os teams are not only professional instructors & guides _ they are talented and creative in many other ways and their attention to detail make the world of difference in the way you enjoy your holiday.

A particular institution is the communal dance or crazy signs led by the G.Os at varying intervals during the evening. All G.Os, regardless of their specialism, are expected to regularly participate in both the show and "crazy signs."

Ria Bintan golf course, five minutes from the village, has been voted as one of the five best golf courses in South East Asia.

The spa offers a wide rage of natural treatments from a blend of Asian therapies, beauty treatments and varied massages with essential oils. Treatments include traditional Balinese massage, reflexology, warm stone massage, traditional Asian facials, acupressure, a lavender body wash and aromatherapy floral bath.

At Club Med, having fun is not a rule, it‘s simply a state of mind. There‘s so much to entertain you from dawn to dusk, to help reunite you with the essential joys of living.

Laugh, relax and have fun on an all-inclusive holiday that will bring all your senses back to life. With the pressures of everyday living becoming ever greater, you need a holiday that will make you feel human again.

Source: (9 Juli 2007)