Kamis, 28 Juli 2011

Fish Foot Therapy, Singapore Style

I will never forget the revitalising therapy I got by none other than the fish at Underwater World! It`s called the Fish Foot Reflexology,” says television actor Shruti Seth about a recent trip to Singapore. “At first, I wasn`t too sure about doing it but then I went ahead. It was exceptional — soaking my feet in a warm pool of water, with the little Turkish spa fish swimming up to my feet and nibbling at them. It`s rather ingenious — the way the fish deal with only the dead cells on your feet and leave them feeling baby soft and pretty.

This was followed by an intensive massage by qualified foot reflexologists. My feet never felt smoother and I couldn`t stop looking at them. I`m told that this therapy is unique to Singapore.

Then there was the Shiatsu therapy I received at the Ananda Spa. The spa is situated at the top floor of the bustling Paragon mall. The mall is huge and I was dog-tired after walking around, and of course, shopping. So I checked into the Ananda Spa for a quick treatment.

Stepping into the Spa was like stepping into another world. It felt wonderful to be pampered. During the course of the massage I couldn`t stop telling myself that I was actually in a huge mall complete with bright lights, food courts, and avid shoppers in a frenzy to get the best deals. Here I was, soaking in the delights of solitude, while able fingers worked with clockwork precision on me, applying just the right amount of pressure, causing momentary pain, but relaxing those knotty muscles.

Complete professionals, the spa staff deliver on their promise with a pleasant disposition. After the massage, I hit the shops again and stayed out late. What a way to shop, recharge and go right back to doing what you love — shopping again.

I had just enough time to experience the exotic chocolate-inspired treatment at the Estheva Spa, which I simply loved. I was told that cocoa and chocolate are rich in anti-oxidants which are “anti-aging” as they help increase blood circulation. It`s a must-do among the spa therapies available here. At the end of the treatment, I was offered a piece of fine Swiss chocolate and a warm cup of specially blended peppermint tea so I could relax and reflect over the exotic experience.

There are some very interesting treatments that I look forward to going back and trying out — the Gold Dust treatments, Eucalyptus treatments and Ancient Chinese and Asian traditional therapeutic treatments — just the mention of it makes my senses tingle.

VJ Shruti Seth, has starred in serials like Des Mein Nikla Hoga Chand and is remembered as Fatima “Fatty” in Fanaa (2006) with Aamir Khan and Kajol. She was recently in Singapore courtesy the Singapore Tourism Board. Spa details at www.visitsingapore.com

Source: www.newindpress.com (19 Juni 2007)