Kamis, 28 Juli 2011

Malay Community Agrees On Need for Risk-Taking

Singapore - The main message that has been sent out at a series of focus group discussions is that globalisation brings both opportunities and challenges, and the Malay community cannot afford to be left behind.

Over 200 Malay youths, parents, professionals and entrepreneurs were involved in the discussions on how they can benefit from a globalised world.

Feedback from youths shows they are eager to explore more opportunities overseas, such as community projects.

But the lack of parental support and concerns of racism abroad are some obstacles that they face.

Participants at the discussions agree that a change in mindset is needed to encourage greater risk-taking.

Minister-in-Charge of Muslim Affairs Dr Yaacob Ibrahim said one way to do this is to gather more ideas from young Malay professionals with the Malay-Muslim support group Mendaki acting as facilitator.

He said: "The idea is very simple. We`ve always believed that this process should be a bottom-up process. It must come from the community, especially the younger professionals. We hope to be able to solicit as many suggestions as possible, to test them out and work on them."

Source: www.channelasianews.com (19 Juni 2007)